How Curiosity Led to Freeze Dried Hot Sauce and Cheese Curds

I had heard about the Winter Farmers Market on Military for several years, but never had never made the time to attend. In January 2023, I visited on a bright Saturday morning. One of the first vendors I met was a guy, Mister Burns, dressed up in a pepper costume. He enthusiastically started offering me samples of his hot sauces, barbeque sauces and salsas, all the while talking about the fermentation process he uses to create his sauces. I knew I was in good company.

Little did Mister Burns, Corey Van Dyke, know was that I had come to the market with an idea. An idea that had been brewing for many years. An idea to use local products and produce in recipes as a resource for our community to use to support the rich agriculture environment of Wisconsin and to support shopping and eating local. When I mentioned this to Corey, right away he gave me an entire case of his products to use. As I continued to make my way around the market, I came upon a woman, Dawn Krueger, who was selling freeze dried cherries from Freeze Dried Door County LLC. Dawn also eagerly gave me some samples to use in recipes as well.

Several months later, I introduced Corey and Dawn to each other at the Farmers’ Market On Broadway. The next thing I know, Corey is selling popcorn, that he worked with OshPop Gourmet Popcorn LLC to create, that is coated with his freeze dried hot sauce. Hot sauce that he brought to Dawn who used her freeze drying equipment to make.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Corey is now working with Two Guernsey Girls Creamery by tossing that same freeze dried hot sauce on their amazing cheese curds that they make using A2A2 Guernsey cow milk- right on their farm.

I love sharing this story. What has evolved over the last year is a story of how three people– Corey, Dawn and I- became friends at not one, but two farmers markets in Green Bay. And how our friendship has led to more local food products and a local recipe database on this website. You will have to stay tuned to see what else we might be up to later this year.
– Chef Selena

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