The Farm Fresh Atlas™ began in 2002 as a project of REAP Food Group. 2024 will be the first year the Atlas will be published/printed as one food guide encompassing all 72 counties of Wisconsin. The 2024 Statewide Farm Fresh Atlas—an influential printed guide connecting farms, farmers markets, restaurants and food related organizations with local food enthusiasts will be distributed in early summer throughout the state at farmers’ markets and food related businesses for both residents and visitors to use as a resource to connect with good local food.

In the meantime, you don’t have to wait for the printed guide. Visit the Farm Fresh Atlas™ website to see the map with all the current listings.

Businesses who list in the Atlas pledge that they are:
Locally and cooperatively owned or family owned or a non profit organization whose mission is to promote a sustainable regional food system.
Operates in a way that protects and sustains the state’s land and water resources
Provides safe and fair working conditions for employees
Sells or advocates for products grown on Wisconsin farms, or sells products made by their business using raw materials grown on Wisconsin farms, or uses fair trade, sustainable, and/or organic ingredients in their products.

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