CSA’s Northeastern Wisconsin

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for “Community-Supported Agriculture.” When you sign up for a farm’s CSA, you purchase a membership, or “share.” Each week of the harvest season, you’ll get a box of freshly picked fruits and vegetables directly from the farm—meaning you’ll get the freshest, most nutritious food you can find, all while supporting a local producer!

Mustard Seed Farm CSA

“Buy a share = get veggies every week” is pretty typical, but most farms’ CSA programs have more options. For example, you can choose larger or smaller share sizes to accommodate your household; you can supplement your veggie box with additional farm products like eggs or cheese; or you can adjust your pick-up from weekly to bi-weekly or monthly. 

CSAs are an excellent way to support your favorite local farm. Purchasing a CSA share provides the farmer with much-needed funds at the beginning of the harvest season; it relieves the burden of having to sell their entire harvest right after it’s picked; and it creates a reliable community around the farm. 

CSAs aren’t just helpful for farms—they’re great for the consumer, too! In addition to getting the best fresh products, you’ll likely discover new produce and new ways of eating it. (Garlic scapes? Purple carrots?? Kohlrabi??? Get ready!) And often you get to meet other food-lovers in your local community, including the farmer themself, which strengthens the food system and your experience through relationships and direct knowledge of where your food comes from.


Local CSA’s– Northeastern Wisconsin

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